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The ZOOZ PETS Dog Walk Sling Bag is the perfect choice for those who want to walk their pet with style and safety.
With its sturdy structure and quality stitching, the Sling bag features a metal hook attached to an elastic strap to ensure your pet's safety as you explore together.
Ideal for taking your friend wherever you go, this Sling bag is made with a soft fabric and has a reinforced handle to ensure greater comfort during the walk.
- Suitable for dogs up to 8 Kg;
- Facilitates pet transportation;
- Sturdy Sling bag with a comfortable handle;
- High-quality reinforced hook;
- Safety strap;
- Alligator zipper closure;
- Fabric lining with Film Color print;
- Cell phone pocket on the strap;
- Ideal for keeping the pet closer to the owner during the walk.

Sling bag Snoopy Jump

SKU: BolSlng-Jump-Royal
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