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Dog Bed Mat
The Dog Bed Mat by Zooz offers a unique experience for your pet, providing comfort and coziness during walks or trips.
With its complete internal filling, the Dog Bed Mat is soft and fun, besides having a cheerful design.
Moreover, it is easy to store due to its foldable and rollable capacity, and the straps serve to keep it organized and compact in a small space.
- Ideal for trips and walks;
- Acrylic blanket filling;
- Can be folded or rolled;
- Has straps for tying and fastening;
- Contains a pocket with a snap button to store the straps;
- Completely practical, lightweight, and easy to carry.
Approximate Dimensions
M Size: Height: 1 cm | Width: 76 cm | Length: 58 cm
L Size: Height: 1 cm | Width: 96 cm | Length: 71 cm

Dog Bed Mat with foam Snoopy Film Black

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